Opening of our factory

All work at the plant is automated, a person only controls the processes being performed. All important indicators are monitored at every stage from the loading of ingredients to the release of finished products.

Currently, the Forsage plant produces a wide range of finished products, the range of which includes industrial products (hydraulic, gear, turbine, compressor oils, etc.), motor, transmission and hydraulic oils for off-road equipment, buses and trucks, agricultural and special equipment, etc.

Each batch of manufactured products is tested and tested for quality compliance and is accompanied by technical documentation (test report, quality certificate for bulk products, quality certificate for packaged products, etc.).

Our products have proven themselves far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. The geography of deliveries covers Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the CIS countries. For many years we have partnered with such countries as: Iraq, Uzbekistan, Palestine, UAE, Ghana, Kenya, Armenia, Georgia.