Forsage ATF III



  • Description


FORSAGE ATF III synt is a synthetic fluid designed for use in automatic transmissions and power steering systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses and special off-highway vehicles when specified by the vehicle manufacturer. The oil has high performance characteristics and is produced on the basis of synthetic components with the participation of antioxidant, antiwear, detergent and antifoam additives and friction modifiers. FORSAGE ATF III synt has excellent aging resistance, wear resistance and viscosity-temperature properties. The color of the oil is red.


  • FORSAGE ATF III synt has the following advantages:
  • Improved viscosity properties at low temperatures facilitate the operation of the automatic transmission in various climatic zones
  • Ensure quiet operation and smooth shifting even during long periods of heavy duty use
  • The detergent and antioxidant components of the oil effectively prevent the formation of harmful deposits
  • Reliable anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection, excellent anti-foam properties Compatible with all types of seals in automatic transmissions and power steering