Forsage Trans Force GL-5



  • Description


FORSAGE Trans Force GL-5 SAE 85W90, SAE 80W90 are multigrade oils for use in hypoid gears, gearboxes, power take-offs, differentials and other units of cars and trucks in cases where the required API class is GL-5. FORSAGE Trans Force GL-5 SAE 85W140 is used in heavy duty differentials and main drives that operate continuously or for long periods of time under high shock loads. FORSAGE Trans Force GL-5 are mineral gear oils formulated using a hydrotreated distillate base oil and an additive package that provides the necessary protection against wear and scuffing.


Oils of the FORSAGE Trans Force GL-5 series advantages:

  • Provides stable oil film thickness even at the highest operating temperatures and loads
  • High oxidation stability prevents deposits from forming, extending oil life
  • Improved anti-foam and anti-corrosion properties, compatibility with sealing materials
  • Effective corrosion prevention in harsh environments