Forsage Hydraulic Force HLP



  • Description

FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP series oils have been specially developed for use in hydraulic systems of industrial equipment requiring high quality alloyed oils. FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP are made from high quality hydrotreated mineral base oils with the addition of a multifunctional additive package that improves antioxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, low temperature, demulsifying, anti-foam properties. Oils are intended for use in hydraulic systems of industrial equipment of various types of all years of manufacture, operating under high mechanical and thermal loads, equipped with servo-hydraulic devices, proportional control systems and filter elements with a filtration fineness of 3-5 microns.


FORSAGE HYDRO FORCE HLP series oils offer the following benefits:

  • Meets the requirements of most OEMs, reduces the number of oil types required by the plant
  • Reduce wear of moving parts of equipment due to improved anti-wear properties of the additive package
  • Effectively prevents corrosion when water enters the system
  • Anti-foam properties reduce the risk of air entering the working part of the system, maintain the stability of the protective oil film in friction units
  • Provides improved filterability, proven in 1.2 micron membrane testing by the Parker-Denison method