In connection with the expansion of the supply network, the Forsage-Oil company invites individuals and legal entities in all regions of Russia to cooperate. We can act as a guaranteed supplier of our products. The production capacity of our plant allows us to offer you to act as an exclusive distributor (dealer) for a certain region.

We will provide consulting and advertising support to Forsage-Oil's novice partners, both legal entities and individuals. As part of the distribution, we offer special dealer prices, a flexible system of discounts and deferrals, the provision of souvenir products with symbols, promotion of products, promotions, online trainings of our technical specialist. We will provide comprehensive assistance for a joint start.

Terms of cooperation are discussed individually. Send us an email to, specifying your cooperation proposal, purchase volumes and types of oil required. Write the name of the organization, address, place of delivery, phone number for feedback and the name of the contact person. Our company has its own production plant, a fleet of commercial vehicles, and its own oil depot for storing light and dark oil products. Logistics is calculated individually. Forsage-Oil products have all the necessary documentation that meets the requirements of Russian legislation: quality passports, safety data sheets, declarations of conformity.

Attach a partner card to the letter.

If necessary, we will ask you for additional information.